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Floorbee specializes in floorball equipment for individuals, sports teams and organizations. Our goal is to provide equipment for the development of floorball at all levels in 100% quality. We are constantly working on product development; we are happy for every new idea or suggestion. We do our best to meet the needs of customers with their marketing proposals and we also enable custom production.
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We are starting with development
We were the first to launch a quality floorball ball named Bullet, which is produced by a special technology that has allowed us to minimize the cracking of the balls.
We are launching new products
In 2015, we continued our successful products with the introduction of other products - floorball goals and floorball rinks.
We are obtaining certification
In 2016, the brand received certification from the International Floorball Federation (IFF) in Sweden.
Czech floorball
In 2017, Floorbee entered into a cooperation agreement with Czech floorball.
We are launching the first floorball sticks
After almost 10 years of testing and development, we have launched our first floorball sticks.
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