Flying floorball equipment! Floorbee specializes in floorball equipment for individuals, sports clubs and organizations. Our goal is to provide equipment for floorball at all levels for 100% quality.

The development of the products started in 2010, when we launched our first floorball ball - called »Bullet«, which is produced by using special technology, which allows us almost to avoid braking of the balls, today the ball has been innovated and it is called as »Torpedo«. The balls are very durable and their lifetime is long. In 2015 the brand added another top quality products - floorball goals and floorball rinks.

Floorbee constructors and developers work hard on the products develepment, we are happy to reflect new customers' suggestions. Floorbee is doing best to satisfy also unique requests for the production.

In 2016 the brand received the certification of the IFF (International floorball federation) in Sweden.